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Our Associates

The national association of jewellers

One of the largest associations in jewellery, the NAJ protects the industry by promoting jewellery companies (manufacturers through to retailers) and insist on every member abiding by a code of conduct with their business practices. They also operate one of the largest training programmes in the U.K. with a comprehensive range of courses on offer to the jewellery trade.

The company of master jewellers

The company of master jewellers was set up to help quality independant jewellers with access to a large network of suppliers and training programs. With over 150 members, the CMJ is one of the biggest buyng groups in the UK jewellery trade. With a long, detailed application process, it guarantees that all retailers and suppliers are quality, respectable companies. Currently, we are the only member of the CMJ in the Newport area.

T.H.March Insurers

Best known as the foremost brokers for the jewellery trade, offering a wide range of products. Experienced in meeting the insurance needs of retailers, designers, manufacturers, makers, collectors, repairers and wearers, who are all part of the UK's diverse and vibrant jewellery scene. One of the most experienced insurers for jewellery, they offer comrehensive insurance on most jewellery which is why we use them for the complimentary 1 year insurance as part of our "Everlasting care" package.

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