Yellow Gold Bands

The classic metal, used to make wedding bands for over 200 years. Gold is easy to work with and comfortable to wear which means its easy to size and through minor upkeep, looks great even after years of everyday wear.

9ct Gold 18ct Gold

White Gold Bands

Probably the most popular choice for wedding bands right now, white gold is cost effective and can easily be sized, ensuring it stays on your finger for as long as possible. White gold rings do need rhodium plating occasionally to keep its colour and shine but look fantastic next to a white gold engagement ring.

9ct White Gold 18ct White Gold

Rose Gold Bands

With more and more jewellery brands offering a selection of rose colour jewellery and the fact it’s a beautiful, modern alternative to yellow gold, rose gold engagement, eternity and wedding rings are becoming extremely popular and all our wedding bands are available in either 9ct or 18ct.

9ct Rose Gold 18ct Rose Gold

Palladium Bands

The most modern metal we offer, palladium hasn’t been around for that long due to the fact that it’s a bit trickier to work with. However, palladium keeps its colour, is comfortable to wear and is very durable as well as costing significantly less than platinum due to its lighter weight

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Platinum Bands

One of the most durable of metals. Platinum is extremely dense, meaning it weighs significantly more than the other wedding band options like gold, palladium etc. It doesn’t lose its colour and is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

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