Weddings tend to need a large amount of organising and planning, your wedding rings stay with you forever but that doesn’t mean it should be a tough, time consuming purchase. Below is a guide to what to look for and recommendations we give to anyone purchasing a wedding band.


With the huge rise in gold, Platinum and Palladium prices over the last decade, most wedding are ordered for you. We offer a range of 70 plain rings and 60 diamond set rings in 5 different metals. Although we have a sample of every ring in store, these are made to your finger size and preference once ordered, the usual lead times are;

  • Plain rings 3-4 weeks
  • Diamond set 6-10 weeks

We recommend leaving a few weeks between receiving the ring in store and the wedding date, just in case the size needs tweaking slightly.

Bespoke wedding rings

Some engagement rings will need a wedding ring made to find that perfect fit, this requires us to send off your ring for our designers to sketch a few options for you to see and then, once you are happy, proceed with making your design. Although the rings cost the same per gram as our normal plain wedding rings, the process usually takes approx. 12 weeks to complete due to the extra work in sketching your designs.

Please note there is an initial cost of £25.00 for the sketches to be done, however this comes off the cost of the ring should you go ahead and you keep the sketches for your records.


Gold wedding rings are still by far the most popular choice, available in 9 and 18ct yellow, white and rose gold. Extremely malleable, gold is easy to size and re-shape. With increasing gold prices, 9ct gold is still extremely affordable starting at approximately £80.00.

Yellow and rose gold will need a polish now and then however, every so often, due to wear, white gold will lose its colour and need to go through a process called rhodium plating. This is carried out by a qualified goldsmith who applies a coating to the ring, bringing it back to looking its very best.


Part of the Platinum family, palladium is a tough metal but not as heavy or durable as platinum. The big plus for palladium rings is that it costs far less than platinum but doesn’t lose its colour like white gold so doesn’t need rhodium plating. The perfect choice if you want a durable, long lasting ring without the cost of platinum.


The hardest wearing and most durable metal used in wedding rings. Platinum is highly desirable as its extreme density means it weighs more than other metals and the extra durability allows it to take some extra knocks without snapping or wearing down.

Diamond set

Diamond set bands are a wonderful edition to any bridal set. All our bands come with quality, white diamonds which is vital, especially if you like the look of a white metal as they blend in beautifully and add that extra sparkle.

The carat weight you go for would depend on your budget and preferred width of ring, some of our bestselling rings are 0.33ct – 0.50ct bands as they are usually a similar width to the average engagement ring but we also offer up to a carat for those wanting more of a statement piece.

Our diamond set bands can be ordered in any of the metals above but because the correct diamonds have to be sourced and set, lead times are usually 6-10 weeks.

Some rings will be available in certain sizes however, if you do find you like a particular ring, don’t hesitate to call and we can enquire as to how long it would take to manufacture in your finger size.

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