Your Complete Guide to Birthday Gemstones By Month

Gemstone jewellery comes in a dazzling array of colours and makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, but did you know that certain gemstones are also associated with different birth months?

Read on to find out which gemstones are commonly associated with each birth month of the year.

Birthday month gemstones guide

January - Garnet

Garnet is a stone that's said to provide protection to the wearer and has been associated with warriors and royalty in the past. 



Garnets belong to a group of  silicate minerals and have been used since the Bronze Age. Garnets can actually be found in many different colours but are most often associated with the colour red.

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February - Amethyst

Amethyst is a personal favourite and is typically light lilac through to deep purple in colour. The deeper and more vivid the purple colour, the generally more sought after the gemstone is.

In recent years Amethysts have come to be associated with spirituality and healing, so as well as making a great gift for anyone born in February, they should be considered for awakened, spiritual types as those who love the colour purple!

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March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine stones are a sea blue/green colour and vary in hue from pale blue to light turquoise or light green. The gemstone is associated with good health and youth.

Fun fact about Aquamarine, it used to be thought of as mermaid treasure and sailors would often use it as a good luck talisman.

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April - Diamond

Diamonds are of course the best known of all precious gems, prized for their dazzling beauty and clarity, diamonds were expertly turned into a symbol of love back in the late 1940s when De Beers used the slogan "A diamond is forever" and so it became the stone of choice for engagement rings.

Highly sought after, diamonds can command huge prices, but there also more affordable options available too. Diamonds are associated with strength and eternal love and make a lovely choice for anyone born in April.

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Emerald gemstones

May - Emerald

Emeralds are usually a deep green colour and very high quality stones will generally have a deep and even tone to them. 

This precious gemstone is said to symbolise truth and intelligence, whilst in western traditions, the Emerald is linked to the heart Chakra which could make it the ideal choice for couples to gift each other regardless of birth month.

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June - Pearl

Traditionally, Peals are the stone for the birth month of June, although in more recent years an alternative choice is Alexandrite.

Unlike other gemstones that are naturally formed by the earth, Pearls are formed in fresh and salt water.

Pearls are linked to honesty, wisdom and purity and have remained a much sought after gemstone classic over the decades. Pearls are often also prized as being a calming stone.

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July - Ruby

Rubies are precious gemstones and are easily identifiable thanks to their vibrant red hue and they are commonly associated with strength and 

Some consider Rubies to be a highly stimulating and energising stone, encouraging a passion for life. Due to their dazzling colour they make the ideal choice for a piece of investment or statement jewellery..

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August - Peridot

This gemstone is green in colour and ancient civilisations linked it to the sun. The stone varies in colour from a light green through to a more vivid emerald green, but a yellow hue is not uncommon.

Peridot is the national gem of Egypt and is know there as the "gem of the sun" and makes a good alternative to Emerald when a more affordable, softer green colour is desired.

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September - Sapphire

Considered a protective gemstone, Sapphires are a deep, commonly seen in their dazzling blue form, they can actually be many different colours. This means you can get green sapphires, red sapphires etc, but generally a gemstone called a Sapphire, with no colour specified, will be blue.

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October - Opal

Opals are a stunning gemstone and each is highly individual, they are also a stone that benefits from wearing and cleaning with special care. As the stone catches the light you'll see glints of many different colours. 

Opals are associate with light, healing and magic and make a wonderful alternative to the more classic pearl.

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November - Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz can make a more affordable alternative to a Sapphire and makes a wonderful gift for anyone born in November. Whilst Topaz can come in various colours, blue is perhaps the most popular.

Blue Topaz has been associated with wealth in the past and is associated with the throat Chakra, abundance and good health.

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December - Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a dazzling blue colour and is only found in one place on earth, in Tanzania. Although usually a bright blue colour, Tanzanite can be found in different hues and stones can sometimes be a very light blue colour or even violet.

Tanzanite is thought of by some as a healing and protective stone that can also facilitate psychic abilities. 

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