Our Associations

In the jewellery trade, there are a few exclusive groups with which all established independent jewellers should be a member of as they provide the very best training and gives every jeweller the opportunity to access prices and products that would otherwise be unattainable, listed below is the groups that Jeffries belong to and what they provide us and the rest of the jewellery trade.

We also love to support local charities that are close to our heart and do some fantastic work in the south wales area. We are also involved in a local sports team that contribute great facilities and a chance for kids and adults of all ages to get involved in sport.

Company of master Jewellers

The company of master Jewellers (CMJ) is a buying group that brings together over 160 independent jewellery retailers from all over the U.K. Working with the CMJ allows us to source exclusive products and prices that would otherwise be impossible to do.

The CMJ has a strict code of ethics and is run by fellow jewellery retailers, meaning its always got what’s best for the industry and our customers at heart.

The National association of Jewellers (NAJ)

The NAJ specialises in providing the very best training specifically for the jewellery industry. There is a tremendous amount to learn about jewellery, gemstones etc. and it really is a fascinating subject. The NAJ break the learning down, starting with the jet 1 and 2 diploma courses which provides an excellent insight into the many facets of jewellery. They also provide more detailed training course including a 3-year course in gemmology and a 2-year course in valuing.

Without being members of the NAJ, these fantastic courses would be harder to enrol on and more expensive. Being members make it easier than ever for our staff to undertake these insightful courses and learn all about the jewellery industry.

Sparkle charity 

The Serennu Children’s Centre opened in April 2011 providing care, treatment and activities for children and young people with disabilities and developmental difficulties.

Managed by the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and supported by Sparkle, this state-of-the-art building provides treatment, care, information, consultations and leisure services from under one roof removing the burden on individual families & providing continuity of care.

The Centre’s guiding principle is to ensure that children with a disability or developmental difficulty and their families are fully supported to participate in valued childhood experiences and have access to the same range of opportunities, experiences, services and facilities as other children.

It does this by not only providing treatment for the child, but also family centered services to accommodate the needs of parents and siblings too, as well as onsite leisure & social facilities in a safe, supportive environment.

Facilities at the Centre include:

  • Multiple consulting rooms for pediatricians to run clinics. 
  • Purpose built hydrotherapy pool with hoists. 
  • A specialist physiotherapy gym. 
  • Large treatment rooms for therapy & leisure activities.
  • Specialist sensory, technology & audiology & speech/language facilities. 
  • Family and sibling facilities. 
  • Plastering, splinting and orthotic facilities. 
  • Specialist suite for teaching supported and independent living.
  • Wheelchair training facilities.
  • MediCinema for children & young people with disabilities or developmental difficulties. 
  • Leisure and play facilities including a sensory garden & games area.

For more information or If you would like to donate, please click here (http://www.sparkleappeal.org/about)

Ponthir sports club

Ponthir sports club has provided the local community with the chance to get involved in numerous sports including, cricket and football. Their cricket section offers a chance for kids of all ages to get involved and try out a sport they perhaps have never played before, giving them an opportunity to see how much fun they can have playing cricket with friends.

Form more information, visit their facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/Ponthir-Cricket-Club-118104914877577/)