What happens if the ring is the wrong size?

Its no problem, we can professionally take your finger size in store and then have it sized or ordered (delivery times apply) Or if you know your finger size, simply send it to us with your details and the required size and we will either size your ring or have it ordered. (delivery times apply).

You can find out more about ring sizing here.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Providing it doesn’t need to be ordered/adjusted to your size, we aim to send all orders made before midday on the same day. This can stretch to 2 working days at busy times.

If you do need it urgently, contact us on 01633 254735 to discuss and we'll see what we can do.

What is the returns policy?

As you haven’t had chance to see the item/try it on etc. when purchasing online, we offer a 14 day refund policy. For anything bought in store, we offer a 30 day exchange or credit note. For further information, please visit our delivery and returns page.


Are your diamonds conflict free?

All our diamonds are part of the Kimberley diamond process and we source our diamonds from Antwerp ourselves, guaranteeing that all our diamonds are conflict free.

How long does it take for an item to come back into stock if it sells?

As we design the majority of our diamond jewellery and have to select loose diamonds, the process takes approx. 10 weeks from start to finish.


Do you deliver internationally?

Unfortunately, we only send items within the UK and we do not currently offer international shipping. Find out more about delivery and returns.


Does your images represent the correct dimension

Unlike many jewellery websites, we never put an image of a different carat size so the images are in proportion and the item you receive will be the item seen in the image. Due to screen sizes, the images will be bigger than the ring itself.


Is my payment secure?

Yes, our website uses a secure server to make sure that all your credit or debit card transactions are completely secure. We use fraud checking systems as well as authentication processes before we fulfil each order.

When you use our website, the secure server will encrypt all of the personal information you send us. Your payment is processed through our dedicated payment provider and no credit/debit card details are stored by Jeffries Fine Jewellers.


What warranty comes with my item?

Each new item on our website comes with a 2 year warranty that covers any manufacturing fault that occurs but does not cover any accidental damage.


Do you provide insurance?

All our items are insured with the postal insurance but no insurance is automatically applied thereafter. We use jewellery insurance specialists T.H.March for our cover, having been in the trade for many, many years, T.H.March offer a wide range of cover for your jewellery and can go through any questions you may have.

What type of different diamond cuts are?

There are a vast array of different diamond cuts and there are a few different cuts for the same shape but to keep this as simple as possible, we’re going to list the main cuts and the shape they are cut in:

Brilliant cut

The most popular cut on todays market and is round in shape.

Princess cut

Square in shape and with clean, sharp corners, the princess cut is one of the most popular cuts for a diamond engagement ring.

Emerald cut

This is a rectangle cut diamond but with chamfered corners.


A slightly more unusual cut for an engagement ring. They call it boat shape because the shape looks like an aerial view of a boat with the diamond getting thicker in the middle.


Again, a slightly rarer cut and the name gives it away with regards to the shape, yes, it’s an oval shaped diamond cut.


One of our favourites for diamond earrings and necklaces. Again, the name gives it away, it’s apear shaped diamond cut. 

There are many, many more cuts but you certainly won’t go far wrong if you consider the above for your next piece of diamond jewellery.

What sort of ring makes the best engagement ring?

Never to forget that an engagement ring is something that will be cherished for a long time to come and so, your favoured style should always be top priority.

There are a few practical things you may want to consider (especially when you’ll be wearing it almost constantly). Gold and platinum are traditionally used because of its ability to resist corrosion, tarnishing and any other effects that mark or damage other materials (including silver) although we always advise taking it off at certain times, chlorine, soaps and makeup wont permanently damage gold or platinum. This may not be a game changer but some style rings aren’t made to be sat next to another.

Big cluster rings, if not designed to be an engagement ring, can mean that when it comes to purchasing your wedding rings, you’ll have to have something specially made which means 6-8 extra weeks and an increase in cost. It's not the end of the world, but it's something worth considering if you’re in two minds on which one to go for.

When it comes to some styles of rings, the finger size cannot be adjusted for a variety of reasons.

We always tend to avoid these styles as we don’t want your finger size changing shortly after purchase and having to give you the bad news that you can no longer where your beloved engagement ring. 


How much should I spend on an engagement ring? 

How much you should spend on an engagement ring is an age old question and one which is made even more complex by the introduction of finance options.

First, we'd always advise you choose which payment method you would rather use (cash, debit card or finance, credit card etc).

Once you’ve decided which way you’d rather go, you can make a better decision on what you can afford, whether in one lump sum or monthly over a few years, but the key here is affordability.

With regards to amount, our engagement rings start at £600 and if you’d like to see below at our ¼ costs question, that will give you an idea of what you’ll be looking at based on the size of diamonds you would prefer.

To help below is a monthly cost based on certain amounts:

  • £600 would be £16.66 a month over 3 years
  • £1500 would be £41.66 a month over 3 years
  • £3000 would be £83.33 a month over 3 years

How do I know that my diamond has been ethically sourced?

To guard against unethical diamond sources. The Kimberley process was introduced in 2003. This ensured that each and every diamond parcel had a certificate applied so brokers, dealers and retailers were ensured that the diamonds they were selling were from ethical, non conflict areas.

How do I know what size diamond ring to buy?

Sizing is always a small issue. We try to keep a few sizes In stock but this is not always possible, especially with the higher priced rings and considering there are 52 different sizes, its not always easy finding the ring you like that’s available in your particular size.

What we always recommend doing is purchasing the diamond ring you like and if it doesn’t fit, simply pop in and we can professionally take the correct finger size before either adjusting the size of the ring you purchased or making a new one in your required size.

We also offer one free sizing for upto 12 months after purchase so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that if you wear it for a while but decide is a little loose or tight, it can be easily adjusted free of charge.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We certainly do! We have teamed up with Klarna to offer finance on our website for upto 3 years or pay in 3 where you pay it in three monthly instalments. No deposit is required for either finance option.

In store, we offer a deposit option where you put a deposit down and pay it off when you are able so you can pay a deposit and pay some off each week, each month or every other month.

Find out more about buying jewellery with Klarna.

Do you sell vintage or pre-loved jewellery?

We certainly do and its one of our favourite collections of jewellery! Even we don’t know what’s going to come into stock from one week to the next.

From bangles that are over 100 years old to 22ct wedding bands and large diamond solitaires, it really is a wide range of quality gold jewellery. 


Why should I consider getting a jewellery valuation?

We currently offer two types of valuation. The most popular is the insurance valuation and is used to ensure that you have an up-to-date value in case of loss or theft, a detailed description so you actually know what to claim for and proof of ownership.

The second is a probate valuation. This is used when, in the unfortunate event of a death, the executor has to find out the value of the jewellery so they can fairly distribute to family members and others named on the will.

This gives the value you would likely get if you were to sell the jewellery in the current market as opposed to the insurance value which is the value of goods if they were brand new today.