How To Choose The Perfect Jewellery Gift This Christmas

Choosing a Christmas gift for someone special can be tricky and whilst jewellery makes a beautiful gift that doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be challenging to get it right! Read on for our 3 easy tips to help you choose the perfect piece of jewellery as a gift this Christmas.

Choosing jewellery as a christmas gift

One of the best things about choosing jewellery as a Christmas gift if that it’s not only thoughtful, but it can be hugely symbolic and sentimental too, from reminding them that you care about them, to evoking happy memories.

Jewellery gifts could actually be more affordable than you might think. For example, we stock some stunning Nomination Christmas charms that start at just £20 and are the perfect gift for a Nomination bracelet wearer. Alternatively a beautiful pair of simple stud earrings or a silver star pendant necklace can start from under £40.

Of course, if you want to push the boat out, we’ve got plenty of options for those with bigger budgets who may want to purchase an investment piece or really make a statement with an piece of diamond jewellery.

With jewellery being an affordable gift option for any budget then, how can you make sure you get your choice right?

Read on for 3 of the main things you’ll need to consider when choosing a piece of jewellery for a Christmas gift.

3 things to consider before buying someone jewellery for Christmas

1. What colour jewellery do they like?

Does the person you’re buying for have a preference for silver/white gold, traditional yellow  gold or rose gold? You don’t need to come right out and ask them, simply consider what colour jewellery they usually wear.

If you’re not certain and you don’t want to ruin the surprise, next time you’re with them, sneak a peek at what colour necklace, rings or earrings they’re wearing or simply have a look at a few photos of them and you’ll get a clear idea of what they like.

People who typically prefer to wear yellow gold will probably want any new jewellery also to be gold, to match their existing jewellery pieces.

Similarly, if a person generally wears silver or white gold jewellery, then a yellow gold piece is unlikely to match their preference and personal aesthetic.

2. Do they have a gemstone or colour preference?

As well as their preferred colour of metal you might also want to consider jewellery containing coloured gemstones. Do they have a favourite colour? If so buying them a piece of jewellery with a gemstone or stones in their favourite colour could prove to be a big hit.

If you aren’t  sure, think about their birth month and you could instead choose the gemstone that corresponds to their birth month for a gift that’s really personal and extra thoughtful.

3. What interests does the intended recipient have?

Hobbies and Interests could give you a further clue to choosing a gift that is extremely well thought-out and will be greatly received.

For example, are they a real homebody that lives for family? If so, you might want to consider something more family oriented and sentimental. Does the person love gardening and the natural world? If this is the case, then jewellery that incorporates natural and plant life motifs like the beautiful Clogau Royal Oak Leaf bracelet could be ideal.

Similarly if they strongly identify with their Welsh heritage, you might want to consider a piece from a brand like Clogau that incorporate rare Welsh gold into their jewellery, or a Welsh flag Nomination charm for example.

If you can answer all of the above 3 questions about the intended recipient, you can rest assured that you’ll end up choosing them a jewellery gift that’s not only beautiful, but also extremely thoughtful too.

Here’s a bonus tip for couples who aren’t married, but are in serious relationships. If the gift is for your partner, do consider their thoughts and feelings about potentially becoming engaged to you. It’s easy to get excited when presented with a small gift that looks suspiciously like it could be an engagement ring!

You don’t want your partner to be disappointed if the jewellery gift isn’t the engagement ring they might be hoping for, so if you’re planning to buy a small jewellery item (for example, a pair of small stud earrings) with a box that might look similar to a ring box, you might want to consider re-packaging them first, or saying something to set their expectations before handing the gift over!

With a little bit of thought, buying a piece of jewellery for someone, and more importantly, getting your choice right isn’t difficult to do. So you’re looking for that perfect gift this Christmas consider an item of jewellery.

Why not browse our Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide or see our full jewellery ranges from customer favourites Nomination Italy and Clogau.