The Jeffries Jewellers Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day here in the UK falls on Sunday 27th March this year and provides the ideal opportunity to spoil your mum and show her how much you care. You might prefer to go down the handmade route, or to take her out for a special meal, but if you're looking for a gift she'll love, Jeffries have got it covered with some beautiful jewellery picks to suit every budget.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The history behind Mother's Day

The day that became widely known as "Mothering Sunday" or Mother's Day as we now call it, is thought to have originated with the Christian church, with the church being referred to as "mother church" 

On the fourth Sunday of Lent, people would return to churches all over the UK for a special service which became known as "going a mothering".

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Although celebrating this day fell out of fashion, it became more of a secular occasion, with children presenting their mother's with tokens of appreciation such as flowers and small gifts.

Mother's day in American has no such historical link with Lent, and is one of the reasons why it occurs at a totally different time of year than the Mother's Day we celebrate here in the UK.

An American woman called Anna Jarvis argued that most U.S holiday honoured men, and she set about making it her goal to get Mother's Day added to the U.S. calendar. In 1914 Mother's Day was officially added to the calendar as is celebrated in America on the second Sunday in May.

Gifting Ideas For Mother's Day

Showing your mum you care doesn't have to cost a lot and doesn't need elaborate gifts. Depending on what your mum would appreciate most, the perfect Mother's Day gift could mean something as small as a lie-in and breakfast in bed right through to an fancy spa weekend away,

Flowers and chocolates might lack imagination, but at least they show you've thought of her and made an effort.

A craft or creative workshop that allows her to learn something she's always wanted to dry, from crochet to cocktail making, get creative with something you know she'll love.

Spa treatments like a massage and facial will always go down well, or how about a luxury spa weekend to make an even bigger statement?

Jewellery doesn't have to be expensive to be thoughtful and well-received. If your mum wears Nomination bracelets, then a new charm costing as little as £22 could make a lovely gift.

A weekend away in a favourite city or a at a lovely rural hotel makes a welcome gift your mum will really appreciate.

Something custom made is a lovely way to create a truly personal gift that shows it's been well thought out. Try places like Etsy and Not On The Highstreet for personalised jewellery boxes and much more.

A pamper day at home could be just the ticket and won't cost the earth either. Just a day off from dealing with the stress of household management, childcare etc can be wonderful, particularly for stay-at-home mums with young kids. Start with breakfast in bed, taking over feeding duties and making sure she has as much time to herself as possible.

A family meal either at home or at a favourite pup or restaurant could mean a chance to get the whole family together. Just make sure if you're planning on going out that you book your table well in advance!

We've got a wide range of  Nomination charms available especially for mum, starting at just £22. Choose from stunning bracelets from £49, gorgeous necklaces from £39 and dazzling diamond earrings from just  £50.

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