Gold Buying FAQs

Is the postage service free?

Yes, we send you a pre-paid special delivery bag.

How do I send the gold to store?

Once you input your details in the gold purchasing page and receive your price. As long as your happy, there’s a simple form to fill out and we’ll send a pre-paid special delivery package to you along with an instruction sheet. Simply pop your gold in along with the correct details and post it out at your nearest post office.

What happens once you receive my items?

Once we receive your items, we check them over for hallmarks, gold content etc and then get in touch via your preferred method of communication to confirm our offer. Once that’s been accepted, we will pay via bank transfer within 1 working day.

Are there any fees?

No, absolutely not, we never operate with hidden fees or, in fact, any fees, for our gold purchasing service.

How Long does the offer last for?

Once you input your details on our gold purchasing page, it will make you an offer and you have 7 days to ask for a delivery pack to confirm that offer and lock in the price, even if the price goes down within those 7 days

How do I get paid?

We make payments by Bank transfer, However, in store, we can offer cash on smaller amounts.