Nothing Says Forever Like A Diamond Engagement Ring

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, rather unsurprisingly, we tend to see a spike in purchases of diamond rings around this time of year. But just how did the diamond become the gemstone of choice and why are they such a popular engagement ring choice?

Diamond engagement ring

Diamonds are iconic and a stunning gemstone. As well as being rare, the durability, size, clarity and cut, can all contribute towards diamonds being arguably, the most dazzling of gemstones.

Diamonds are always in demand too, and whilst prices fluctuate, in general, a good diamond can be regarded as an investment piece or at least, something which may one day become a family heirloom.

How did diamonds became a symbol of love?

It was a copywriter working for the De Beers company that came up with the slogan "A diamond is forever" and it resonated both nationally and worldwide and diamonds rapidly began to increase in popularity as more would-be grooms began choosing them for their fiancés.

In fact, before the 1940's it was quite common for engagement rings not be diamonds, but the idea of the forever diamond firmly took hold and has endured to this day, making it a must-have choice for many couples. 

Making a magical moment extra special

For some, an engagement can be spontaneous, but for many, it's something that is carefully considered over weeks and months and the right moment might be meticulously planned and prepared for in great detail.

Did you know? The four C's determine the value of a diamond. Cut, carat, clarity and colour.

Regardless of how much forethought has gone into it, there's no denying that a proposal is a big moment that you'll both remember for the rest of your lives, so making it special will add even more of the feel-good factor to that treasured memory.

Even for the less traditional, the symbolic meaning of a diamond endures and whilst some may prefer something less obvious and more quirky and cynics may ignore diamonds on principle, when it comes to grand gestures, a diamond is pretty much guaranteed to do the trick!

So whether you're planning on popping the big question soon or just want give them a really beautiful token of your love, you really can't go wrong with a diamond.

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